How to Make a 360 Virtual Tour for Real Estate: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to make a 360° virtual tour for real estate: a step-by-step tutorial

Technology is constantly advancing and providing us with more possibilities in all areas of life. With the rise of the internet, it has become easier to access the information we need at any given moment. And when the experience is immersive, interactive, and engaging, it connects with the user even more. This is the goal of a 360 virtual tour in the real estate industry, something we are experts in. Today, we will explain how we create a 360 virtual tour for a real estate agency.

Advantages of a 360 Virtual Tour for Real Estate

A 360 virtual tour allows the user to interactively view any property for sale. Therefore, it has great applications in any type of real estate transaction, such as:

  • Showcasing properties, houses, and buildings for sale without the need to do it on-site. This is ideal, for example, for the sale of international properties.
  • Visualizing an ongoing architectural project.
  • Working on the decoration of each property and analyzing the results of each idea and proposal.

How We Create a 360 Virtual Tour

When our clients in the real estate and construction sectors request a 360 virtual tour for one of their properties for sale, we begin a comprehensive technical and creative project in several phases.

1. Taking a 360 Image

The first step is to take a 360-degree photograph of each room or space of the property, always adapting it to the specific characteristics of each space.

This 360 image covers all angles of the room, open or closed space, with high-quality and resolution to ensure the desired result. We have good equipment and specialized photographers for taking high-quality 360 photographs.

In the subsequent process, we add relevant and necessary information to each 360 image for the virtual tour, such as text, geolocation, etc. Depending on the intended use, it could be for internal client communication or for a website or social media platform.

2. Creating a Virtual Tour

When we have all the necessary 360 photographs with the added information, we proceed to create a general virtual tour. Using specific professional software, we create this virtual tour, which connects the different 360 images of the property logically, just as if the user were viewing it in person.

This step is what creates the immersive and interactive experience that provides the freedom of viewing to the client, by connecting the 360 images.

3. Editing the 360 Scene

Once we have the virtual 360 tour structured, it is time to edit each scene. This involves adding information as desired by the client, such as:

  • Ambient sounds
  • Music
  • Description of elements
  • Points of interest
  • Scene name
  • Geolocation on a map

In short, we can add almost any extra element that makes each scene more complete and provides a more complete interactive experience. We can even add custom-designed 3D elements with motion to make the virtual tour even more realistic or tailored to the desired experience.

The ultimate goal is to make the virtual visit as real as possible or adapted to what the user wants to see at all times.

360 Virtual Tour for Different Platforms

As mentioned before, a 360 virtual tour can be used on different platforms, such as on a desktop or laptop computer, with 3D glasses to create a more realistic experience, or published on a website, intranet, or social media channel.

A 360 virtual tour is an immersive and interactive experience that allows users to virtually explore properties from the comfort of their own devices. It is a powerful tool that can be used for various applications, including real estate, architecture, interior design, and more.

At Zenit Visual, we specialize in creating 360 virtual tours for real estate agencies and construction companies. Our team of experts is equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and technology to provide our clients with high-quality virtual tours that showcase their properties in the best possible way.

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